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Mental Health

Our on-staff physician has assisted hundreds of young children and young adults to contend with behavioral health issues. Your child may have a need for assistance or your family may ask for assistance in managing various mental health issues.  Our compassionate, well-experienced provider and clinical staff will assist to bring find sound direction for the treatment of your family mental health needs.


Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Many of our patients have allergy symptoms.  We provide extensive testing and diagnosis services that are helping many of our patient to pinpoint if there are any immunotherapy treatment needs.  It is our philosophy to steer away from immunotherapy unless the test clearly indicates that treatment would be beneficial.


Nutritional Couseling

Nutritional needs can be determined and a protocol established that may help your child to become healthier and grow stronger.  We have a CNP who is available to assist in recommendations for your child's nutritional health.




Our in house-nurse practitioner is able is provide you with a private and helpful dicussion to improve your lactation needs.  Sometimes very simple advice can correct an overlooked solution or unknown technique. Our nurse practitioner has assisted many mothers to address these issues and helped them to have a more enjoyable breastfeeding experience.


Sports Exams

Many of our patients are active in sports and require sports physicals. We will address that need with a desire to accurately assess your child's health readiness to play high level sports.


Immunizations and Vaccinations

We strive to keep your childs immunizations up-to-date and relevant to their age.  We follow and suggest the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended schedule for immunizations.


Ill Visits

Our staff will attend to your child's treatment needs for illnesses and injuries. We have special hours available in the early mornings for ill visits to assist those who have an unexpected need to see your pediatrician.


Well Visits

There are always special visits and scheduled routine visits that many of our patients need in order to maintain optimal health. We provde many services to accomodate your needs.